Across Australia, the diagnosis of skin cancer actually dropped during 2020 – this may seem like a positive statistic but in reality, we know that the incidence of skin cancer cannot have decreased. With the unfolding Coronavirus situation, many people chose to postpone their regular medical appointments or had virtual appointments instead. In fact, between April and June, one in three consultations were conducted by Telehealth or videoconference.

While virtual appointments have many advantages, the diagnosis of skin cancer is largely reliant on face-to-face consultations. Our doctors use a specialised dermoscopic tool to diagnose most skin cancers and also do biopsies where doubt exists. This valuable information is impossible obtain without an in-person consultation.

We strongly urge you – if you missed your skin check last year, please book your appointment with a qualified skin cancer doctor without delay. While much of last year was ‘on pause’, unfortunately the growth of cancer was not.

A positive change for our clinic towards the end of 2020 was the installation of 50 inch screens in each of our consultation rooms. This allows an insight through the dermoscopic lens, with our doctors clearly able to explain any potentially concerning skin spots. The on-screen real-time footage enhances the patient experience during a skin check, while also improving the awareness of skin cancer characteristics. The feedback from our patients has been fantastic!

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