This month we are celebrating a DECADE of alleviating the burden of skin cancer and preventing loss of life to melanoma!

In celebration, we will be giving a gift to anyone with an appointment at our clinic the week of Monday 22nd July to Friday 27th July.

From the bottom of my heart, and the hearts of everyone on our exceptional team, THANK YOU for letting us serve you and for supporting our local business. 

The Skin Repair story

Having worked locally in Townsville for a corporate skin cancer clinic for 5 years, I recognised a community need to open a skin cancer clinic with a more caring and personal approach and so the Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic was born in 2009.

Some of you will remember Dr Owen Humphreys who shared the early part of the journey before retiring 5 years ago. 

We would be lost without Angela, our practice manager and Lyndie our head nurse who have remained with us from the beginning. 

Drs Jeremy Hudson, Alan Poggio and Robert Teunisseall joined us in 2014 and continue to provide a world-class service at Skin Repair. 

Our outstanding nurses LauraMiho and Vicki have also now been with us for several years. 

More recently, with the practice continuing to grow, we have been blessed to be joined by exceptional team members JustineLaura and Lesley.

In recent months we have been delighted to welcome Dr Phoebe Chisnall who will be staying on long-term with us.

From left to right: Angela, Dr Teunisse, Miho, Dr Poggio, Dr Rosengren, Dr Hudson, Vicki, Justine, Dr Chisnall, Laura and Lyndie.  

We are honoured to be an Approved Skin Cancer Training Clinic for doctors who have completed their General Practice training and want to expand on their skill set in skin cancer medicine. 

This training post is very popular and we are able to handpick doctors who share our values in providing the community with an outstanding service that focusses on patient care and excellence in detection and management of skin cancer. 

To date we have had the pleasure of training 12 exceptional doctors (including our current trainee Dr Irina Gundorova) who will take this skill set back into general practice.  

Our purpose

Our purpose is to alleviate the burden of skin cancer and prevent loss of life to melanoma in our community and beyond.  

To this end, four of our doctors (soon to be five!) are college-accredited skin cancer trained doctors. Additionally, we all continue to attend cutting edge conferences to keep our accreditation current and to remain up to date with advances.

As well as providing skin checks and skin cancer treatment  for the community we are proud to sponsor relevant local events, provide training workshops for our GP colleagues as well as JCU medical students and conduct worthwhile research projects.

Thank you again for all your support and allowing us to realise our vision.  A special thank you to those who have shared our journey over the years, becoming part of our family.