Our team at Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic is deeply committed to reducing the impact of sun damage and skin cancer across North Queensland and beyond.

We recently hosted an online workshop in collaboration with James Cook University to help GPs confidently diagnose melanoma using a specialised tool called a dermatoscope (link to previous dermoscopy blog).

Training in dermoscopy is an important tool in the fight against skin cancer, particularly as melanoma can be near impossible to detect with the naked eye.

During the workshop, members of our Skin Repair Skin Clinic Team – Dr Helena Rosengren, Dr Alan Poggio and Dr Robert Teunisse – engaged with more than 80 GPs to help them learn how to use a dermatoscope and what to look for when comes to cancerous skin spots.

You can take sneak peek at some of the workshop in the video below:


Normally we would conduct these kinds of workshops face to face, however it was wonderful to get this educationsal material out to a much broader audience using digital tools, as necissatated by current COVID-19 restrictions.