Melanoma March 2022

Townsville Bulletin / NQ Weekend, 19 March 2022

7 News Townsville, 8 March 2022
WIN News Townsville, 7 March 2022
7 News Townsville, 7 March 2022

National Skin Cancer Action Week, November 2021

Townsville Bulletin, 24 Nov 21
7News Townsville, 22 Nov 21 (National Skin Cancer Action Week)
Discussing National Skin Cancer Action Week with Michael Clarke (ABC North Queensland), 22 Nov 21
skin repair in BD Mag
BD Mag, Oct-Dec 21
Power100 news bulletin
Townsville Bulletin, 15th October, 2021
QCHF ‘Living Healthy’ Magazine, Winter/Spring 2021
Dr Helena discusses the experience writing a chapter for ‘Medicine Women’ with Michael Clarke (ABC North Queensland, 27 July 21)
Townsville Bulletin, 27 July 21
A story shared on the Winter Solstice: Winter has ushered in cooler days, but health experts are warning Queenslanders not to be complacent with sun safety. This can be the most dangerous time of year to develop skin cancers.
“There’s a huge link between time spent in the winter sun, and later skin cancers” – Dr Helena Rosengren
WIN News Townsville, 17 May 21

Last year, around 3000 fewer melanomas were diagnosed than expected. This is thought to be due to COVID19, with people delaying their skin checks. Delayed diagnosis can have severe consequences, so it’s an important reminder: if you missed your skin check, book your appointment today!

9 News North Queensland, 16 Apr 21
Townsville Bulletin, 26 March 2021
On air with Michael Clarke – ABC North Queensland radio, March 2021
On air with Pricey – Triple M Townsville, March 2021
7News Townsville, 2 March 2021
WIN News Townsville, 1 March 2021
WIN News Townsville, Jan 2021
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Townsville Bulletin 6th Jan 2021 | Page 2

skin cancer article Dr Helena Rosengren
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Townsville Bulletin. 8 June 2020. Page 2

Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic sponsored a fund raiser for skin cancer research 7th November 2020.  In addressing the audience Dr Helena Rosengren talks about the incredible advances in melanoma survival that have been achieve through research, the importance of skin checks and what to look out for to catch skin cancers early.


Dr Helena Rosengren is talking to Michael Clarke from ABC North Queensland about being more vigilant with our extreme