Exercise three times a week? Cut back on alcohol? Save for a holiday? It’s the start of a New Year, and many of us have set resolutions for 2022. While some resolutions require long-term commitment, if you haven’t considered it, it’s time to add one essential, easy goal for this year: join the ‘Game on Mole’ initiative. 

Across Australia, there’s actually been a significant drop in the number of skin checks performed, as people were reluctant to get ‘non essential’ health checks (including skin checks) during the 2021 COVID outbreaks. This has had an alarming flow-on effect: a drop in the diagnosis of skin cancers. 

In a recent ABC article, Professor Richard Scolyer from the Melanoma Institute said, “We don’t think there’s less numbers of people that have melanoma, it’s just they are delayed in seeking advice on a diagnosis”.

Of course, undetected melanoma can spread to vital organs and potentially lead to death. Aside from prevention, early detection is the best way to successfully manage melanoma. 

Following the decrease in skin checks, last year the Melanoma Institute launched the ‘Game on Mole’ initiative (we love the campaign name!). It’s a call-to-action that encourages Australians to take notice of any changes to their skin. Game On Mole ambassadors include model Oceana Strachan and sporting legends Cate Campbell and John Eales. 

How can you get onboard the ‘Game on Mole’ train? Here are some ideas:

  • Follow the Instagram profile
  • Buy the t-shirt here (it’s a great conversation starter & raises funds for research!)
  • Take notice of any changes to your skin
  • Take preventative measures – including sunscreen every single day! 
  • The Melanoma Institute also recommends getting an annual professional skin check  

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