Melanoma is known as Australia’s national cancer, which makes Melanoma March a campaign of national importance. Now in its 11th year, Melanoma March is saving lives by raising awareness and funds for vital research. 

Why is this campaign so important? Here’s a few sobering stats:

  • 16,000 Australians will be diagnosed with melanoma this year (with the highest global rates of diagnosis right here in North Queensland)
  • Melanoma kills one Australian every 6 hours
  • Every 30 minutes, one Australian is told they have melanoma
  • It is estimated 1,300 Australians will die from melanoma this year.
  • Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting 20 to 39-year-old Australians.

Despite these startling figures, medical directors at Melanoma Institute of Australia (MIA) believe we can achieve zero deaths from melanoma in this decade. This might seem like an audacious goal, but consider these points: 

  • If caught early, virtually 100% of skin melanomas will be cured by surgery. That’s why regular skin checks with a skin cancer doctors are crucial.
  • UV exposure is the greatest risk factor for melanoma. Simple preventative measures such as daily sunscreen significantly reduces the risk.
  • Research has already made a significant impact over the last decade.  Recent advances in treatment pioneered by MIA have tripled the life expectancy for advanced melanoma patients.

What’s the goal in 2022?

This year, Melanoma March aims to raise $1 million for a world-first clinical trial of a Personalised Immunotherapy Platform. 

Immunotherapy is successfully curing a large proportion of patients with advanced melanoma, however 50% of these patients either don’t respond to, or develop resistance to, the treatment.  A Personalised Immunotherapy Platform uses a patient’s individual biomarkers to predict resistance to treatment and identify alternative drug therapies to improve survival.

What steps can you take?

Every single Melanoma March participant this year will support the ground-breaking clinical trial. You can participate in three ways:

  1. Join our Skin Repair community morning walk on the Strand on Sunday 20 March. Info & registrations here.
  2. If you can’t make it to our march, you can create your own ‘March Your Way’ event to raise funds
  3. You can also donate online here, and spread awareness by sharing a ‘digital footprint’ on your social media.

You can also follow our Facebook page to keep updated on the details!

Melanoma March 2022 has the potential to transform treatment for advanced melanoma patients. Together, we can take steps to beat melanoma.