Melanoma March is Melanoma Institute of Australia’s month-long awareness and fundraising campaign. Usually, Melanoma March sees events happening all over Australia. This year Melanoma March is a digital campaign, with a national goal of raising $500,000 to fund melanoma research. You can get involved by purchasing a $30 digital footprint at You can then customise that digital footprint to share on social media and really leave your mark on melanoma. One person is diagnosed with melanoma every 30 minutes in Australia, so it’s our mission at Skin Repair to help reduce that startling statistic.

Exciting update!

Skin Repair is now pledging an additional $5 for every footprint purchased in the Townsville region (up to $10,000) – so your donation stretches even further! 

Our Townsville Event

As melanoma is especially prevalent here in North Queensland (our melanoma rates are amongst the highest in the world!), we decided to hold our very own (COVID-safe) event! With the help of Minty, we’re bringing ‘Footprints for Melanoma’ to the Strand on Sunday 28 March. Come for a sun-safe Sunday morning stroll and visit our booth near Strand Park. Have a chat to us, pick up some freebies and (if you haven’t already done so) make a donation towards melanoma research. See all the details & register at our Facebook event.

Our progress so far

  • Amount raised. Across the Townsville region, the Melanoma Institute of Australia has confirmed that just 20 footprints have been purchased so far. By contributing an additional $5 per footprint, so far that’s an additional $100 is Skin Repair donating… but we are willing to donate up to $10,000! With your help, we can really make an impact! We can’t wait to see this donation figure skyrocket by the end of the month!
  • Our partnership with Minty. This cause is incredibly close to Minty’s heart, after he lost his mother to melanoma when she was just 52. Minty has been partnering with us to bring you weekly melanoma prevention and education videos in an easily digestible and understandable format.
  • Increased awareness. With the support of local media outlets (including 7News, WIN News, Townsville Bulletin & Triple M), plus a concentrated campaign on social media, we’re so pleased that the awareness of melanoma (and the important of getting skin checks) has continued to grow in our local region.

If you’ve been tuning into our socials, you might have noticed our videos with well-known radio personality Glenn ‘Minty’ Mintern.

Leading doctors in skin cancer research predict that Melanoma deaths can be completely eradicated in 10 years. However, this can’t happen without the lifesaving research that the Melanoma Institute of Australia conducts. There’s still 15 days to get involved. Donate a digital footprint here and register for our ‘Footprints for Melanoma’ event today!