Unattractive moles, skin tags, dilated facial veins and other skin blemishes can cause of stress and dint your self-confidence.  For a professional approach, years of experience and  treatment given by medical staff come to Townsville’s Skin Repair Clinic. 

Having your moles, warts and skin tags expertly and professionally removed can quickly restore your self- confidence.

At Skin Repair Cosmetic Clinic unsightly raised blemishes can now be rapidly removed with revolutionary radiowave abalation technology.

Radiowave Ablation technology uses high-frequency energy to remove unsightly raised blemishes and small facial veins without the need for sutures. The results are immediate and healing occurs over a few days. It is highly effective and the results are truly excellent.

Whether you want removal of moles, skin tags or other skin blemishes such as age spots, sunspots, warts, small facial veins, Skin Repair Cosmetic Clinic can provide the solution.

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Before Mole Removal

After Mole Removal