Dr Helena Rosengren recently collaborated with our sister organisation HealthCert Education – Australia’s leading provider of accredited professional development for GPs – to talk with Professor David Wilkinson about use of antibiotics to help prevent for surgical site infection.

In the podcast, Dr Rosengren discusses how she started in skin cancer medicine after working as a general practitioner in her earlier career. Additionally, she describes the prevalence and management of wound infections following surgical skin procedures.

Dr Rosengren offers her expert advice on a pragmatic approach for prevention of wound infection, drawing on recent research that shows Australia has the highest antibiotic prescribing rate in the world. She explains how to manage high-risk sites and high-risk patients.

“As far as antibiotic prophylaxis goes, I would say generally don’t do it. You only ever want to consider something if it has been proven to be effective, if you’re dealing with a high risk patient, a high risk site and you are performing a surgical technique at higher risk of infection.”

Listen to the full podcast now.