Wondering if you should book Full Body Photography with your next skin check? Read on to find out more…

We perform our Full Body Photography services using state-of-the-art equipment called the IntelliStudio2. The IntelliStudio2 brings this cutting-edge automated full-body mapping technology to North Queensland. As North Queensland is known as the ‘Skin Cancer Capital of the World’, this technology is an essential asset for skin cancer specialists to monitor high-risk patients. 

While this equipment may not replace the trained eye of a skin cancer doctor, IntelliStudio2works to accurately assess new or changed lesions on a patient’s skin. As such, these photos act as a reference point for your doctor for future monitoring.

What are the advantages?

Full Body Photography is an effective way to track changes over time and enables your doctor to make side-by-side comparisons at follow-up appointments.

Not only this, this sophisticated technology can reveal the subtlest changes to your moles or sun spots, which helps to detect skin cancer in its beginning stages, when it is most manageable. In the case of melanomas, early detection is paramount. This means that it’s important to monitor your skin for any moles that have changed in size, colour, symmetry, or any persistent new spots on the skin. At times, these changes can be too subtle for a doctor to confidently diagnose melanoma in the early stages. As such, Full Body Mapping through our IntelliStudio2 provides a trustworthy and accurate way to determine whether a change has occurred, which can help detect melanoma before it develops. 

Who should receive Full Body Photography?

While it’s amazing that we get to enjoy sunshine year-round in North Queensland, this unfortunately means that we are more susceptible to developing melanoma. This is specifically the case if you:

  • Have a large quantity of moles on your skin (100 or more)
  • Have a personal of family skin cancer history
  • Are aged over 40 years old (specifically if you’re a male)
  • Have a fair complexion

If you belong to one of these high-risk groups, we would certainly recommend booking in for a Full Body Photography appointment to assess if there are any areas of concern.

What is the procedure?

Your Full Body IntelliStudio2 session will generally take 30-45 minutes and is conducted within a controlled studio environment. In your session, several full body images will be taken. Our technology uses normal photographic lighting, so you do not need to worry about harmful lighting or X-rays used. 

Your session will involve 22 image sets taken with a 50 megapixel camera. This camera allows for 400 times magnification that shows highly detailed images of your skin’s surface, moles and spots. 

It is recommended that you receive a Full Body Photography scan every 5 years if you are at a lower risk of developing skin cancer. Otherwise, if you are a high-risk candidate, we suggest that you have a IntelliStudio2 session before every skin check. With the help of the IntelliStudio2’s inbuilt artificial intelligence, repeating this process will allow for your specialist to immediately identify any new or changed spots. 

We don’t require close-up or dermoscopic photos of each spot or mole. However, detailed dermoscopic images can be requested by yourself or your doctor. 

You can choose to purchase a USB with your detailed set of photos uploaded on it, which can be worked as a reference point when you are doing your self-checks at home. These photos can also be shared with your GP or a skin cancer specialist elsewhere. 

What happens after your initial body scan?

Your initial body scan will identify any spots that require further investigation. After this, your skin cancer doctor will determine if any of these areas require excision or more detailed dermoscopy imaging. 

In your follow-up scans, your skin cancer doctor will be able to use your previous signs as a point of reference and mark any developing or changed skin spots.

Are the IntelliStudio2 sessions private?

During your session, your privacy will be respected at all times, and you will not be required to remove your underwear for the photos. However, we do suggest that you wear neutral or grey toned underwear, in preferably a brief style, to optimise the quality of the images. 

After your session, you will also have the option of taking the photos with you on a USB. 

What is the cost of Full Body Photography?

Depending on your private health fund, you may be able to claim a rebate for your total body imaging sessions. We can provide a letter to your health fund if your skin cancer doctor requests Full Body Photography.

However, it’s important to note that this service is not claimable through Medicare. 

FEES (current April 2021) IntelliStudio2USB for own records 
Set of 22 detailed body images$159 $29

Full Body Photography is a vital tool for early detection of skin cancer. This process is further enhanced through the use of our revolutionary IntelliStudio2 system, which equips your skin cancer specialist with a greater understanding of your skin to support their analysis. 

Are you interested in learning more about our IntelliStudio sessions could step up your skin check? Book in an appointment with our accredited team of skin cancer professionals here.