At Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic, our Skin Cancer College Accredited Doctors have extensive surgical skin cancer removal expertise.

This surgical expertise means we are able to minimise any scarring from the removal of skin cancers.

Nose BCC cancer before removal
Ear SCC cancer before removal
Nose BCC before removal
Smile line BCC before removal
Cheek SCC before removal
Nose 4 weeks after BCC removal
Ear immediately after SCC removal
Nose 3 months after BCC removal
Smile line straight after BCC removal
Cheek SCC straight after removal
Forehead BCC before removal
Nose BCC before surgery

Forehead after BCC removal
Nose 6 weeks after BCC removal
Smile line 6 months after
Cheek 6 months after SCC removal

Please note that though the utmost care and attention is taken to give optimal cosmetic results for every surgical case, outcome will be affected by the size and shape of tumour as well as complications such as wound infection or bleeding.

Keeping the wound covered with a dressing until sutures are removed and taping the scar for several weeks after suture removal will improve scar outcome.