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The Fitzpatrick Skin Scale: Find Your Skin Type & Your Celebrity Skin Twin!

Is my skin shade ivory or porcelain?! If you’ve ever attempted to find the perfect foundation for your skin tone, you will understand just how hard skin typing can be. But it doesn’t need to be! What is the Fitzpatrick Skin Scale? The Fitzpatrick Scale was developed in 1975 and helps to provide a scientific classification [...]

‘It’s still the same sun’: Skin Cancer Action Week

The famous ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ campaign in the 1980s did much for raising awareness of sun safety in Australia. Who could forget Sid the Seagull or the catchy jingle? Although many things have changed since Sid first appeared on our TV screens (including the sun safety guidelines themselves!), our sun is still the same.  99% [...]

Reducing the Risk of Further Skin Cancers with Vitamin B3

If you’ve been diagnosed with more than a handful skin cancers, your doctor may have already recommended a simple vitamin, Vitamin B3, to help reduce the risk of recurring cancer. Vitamin B3 – also known as nicotinamide – is a simple and inexpensive treatment that can reduce the risk of developing a new basal cell [...]

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