March is the national month for melanoma awareness. One person is diagnosed with melanoma every 30 minutes in Australia. Living in North Queensland, we have some of the highest rates of melanoma occurrence in the world. It is incredibly important to spread awareness about this deadly disease. Male, female, fair- or dark-skinned, melanoma does not discriminate. Therefore, spreading awareness and education, along with raising funds for melanoma research, is vital to reduce the occurrence of North Queensland’s second most common cancer.

What is Melanoma March?

Regular skin checks are so important!
Thanks Minty for spreading the word.

Melanoma March is a month-long awareness and fundraising campaign headed by the Melanoma Institute of Australia. Pre-COVID, Melanoma March included events such as walks and fundraisers. This year is Melanoma March’s 10 year anniversary, and although COVID means that this year the event will be promoted digitally across Australia, we’re proud to create our own unique (COVID-safe) Townsville event.

We are so excited to be partnering up with well-known radio personality Glenn ‘Minty’ Mintern to bring our very own ‘Footprints for Melanoma’ event to the Strand on Sunday 28 March. Minty has been personally affected by melanoma, having lost his own mother to melanoma when she was only 52, so this cause is close to his heart. The ultimate mission of Melanoma March is to prevent deaths from melanoma. To ensure this, we need to promote events like Melanoma March and help to educate North Queensland. 

Three easy ways to get involved

  1. Add our ‘Footprints for Melanoma’ Facebook frame! This step is easy and takes just under a minute to set up. Facebook frames are a great way to show your support for an important cause, and can help encourage your friends to get involved too! See our pinned Facebook post for the details! 
  2. Help fundraise by purchasing a Digital Footprint. The best way you can support Melanoma March is by purchasing a Digital Footprint. When you donate $30, you receive a Digital Footprint with your name to post on your social media – and donations help to fund life-saving melanoma research. Donations can be made at (any donations over $2 are tax deductible!).  BONUS: we have pledged to donate an additional $1 for every footprint purchased from the Townsville region, up to the value of $10,000!
  3. Take part in our locally-run Townsville event. We’re partnering with Minty to bring you our locally-run ‘Footprints for Melanoma’ event on Sunday 28 March. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our updates and register for our event!

Leading scientists are predicting that Melanoma deaths can be eradicated in a decade. However, that can’t happen without our help. It’s time to get involved, Townsville! 


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