What a month! Townsville, we want to thank you for your support of Melanoma March. This is a hugely important national campaign organised by Melanoma Institute Australia, with the goal of achieving zero deaths from melanoma. 

While it might seem like a pie-in-the-sky goal, leading Australian doctors believe it can be achieved this decade! How? Primarily through three ways:

  1. Research – with continued improvements in the treatment of melanoma, melanoma research is undoubtedly saving lives. This year, Melanoma March raised vital funds for a world-first clinical trial. 
  2. Prevention – simple daily preventative measures significantly reduce the risk of melanoma. Spreading this message through the community helps it happen!
  3. Early detection – if caught early, virtually all melanomas can be cured. That’s why it’s so important to have regular skin checks with a specialised skin cancer doctor. Once again, sharing the importance of this within community is essential. 

Now that Melanoma March 2022 has wrapped up, it’s time to take stock. With the help of local personality Glenn ‘Minty’ Mintern, we had a great turnout at our community walk on the Strand on Sunday 20 March. Altogether we raised $7,880 towards the clinical trial – thank you to every person who donated.  

We raised funds for a world-first clinical trial. What will that do?

Since immunotherapy treatment was introduced a decade ago, it has been incredibly effective but unfortunately, it’s not effective for everyone. 50% of advanced melanoma patients either don’t respond to, or develop resistance to, the treatment.

A Personalised Immunotherapy Platform uses the patient’s own genetic markers to ensure an effective treatment the first time. If successful, the clinical trial means that advanced melanoma patients will have a much better chance of long-term survival. 

It’s not too late to donate!

$1 million towards the clinical trial is the fundraising goal for Melanoma March 2022. Thanks to supporters across Australia, $569,000 has been raised so far – so $431,000 to go. 

While Melanoma March may be over, the march towards zero deaths from melanoma continues. Three Melanoma March events were impacted by floods in south east Queensland and NSW and have been postponed to May. This means that fundraising remains open! You can donate as part of our Skin Repair community here.

In the news

The local media really threw their support behind Melanoma March. Beyond promoting the community event, this coverage helps to educate about melanoma prevention and the importance of early detection. Thank you to:

  • Channel 7 Local News
  • WIN State News
  • ABC North Queensland with Michael Clarke
  • Triple M Breakfast with Pricey
  • Power 100
  • Star FM
  • Townsville Bulletin / NQ Weekend
WIN News, 7 March 22
7News Townsville, 7 March 22

Minty interviews North Queensland melanoma survivors.

Once again, a very special shout out to Glenn ‘Minty’ Mintern for his ongoing support of Melanoma March. Not only did Minty host our community walk on 20th March, he also recorded a wonderful series of videos with melanoma survivors.  

A sincere thank you to these amazing people who so generously shared their melanoma stories with the media:

  • Carmel Finnegan
  • Mick Ing & his wife Renee
  • Brandon Schulze & his wife Melissa
  • George Fava

Their first-hand accounts with melanoma are both insightful and moving. If you haven’t yet seen Minty’s videos, they are definitely worth a watch.

Minty chats to Mick about his immunotherapy treatment for melanoma.
With Renee’s husband currently undergoing treatment, Minty chats to Renee about how melanoma affects the patient’s family.
Minty chats with Carmel about her melanoma journey, from original diagnosis to ongoing treatment, including the amazing results she experienced with immunotherapy.
Minty talks to Brandon about the importance of skin checks, after Brandon’s wife found an unusual spot on his back.

Minty and Dr Helena talk about the importance of Melanoma March. This year, funds raised will go towards an important world-first Personalised Immunotherapy Clinical Trial, aiming to increase the survival rate of advanced melanoma patients.

We’re so proud to see the Townsville community get behind Melanoma March. Through prevention, early detection and advances in melanoma research, we look forward to Australia achieving zero deaths from melanoma by the end of the decade!